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Becoming Divinely Human- An Angelic Perspective

Learn how to develop a closer relationship with angelic being and receive their guidance on how to lie your most abundant, loving, and diving human life.

Do angels talk to all of us? Yes, and Tami can channel their messages for you!

Six years ago Tami was a corporate executive, so imagine her surprise when she started having spontaneous past-life visions and connecting with spiritual beings. Now Tami works as an archangel vocal channel, allowing the words of the archangels to pass through her. While in channel, Tami delivers the messages of the archangels and is able to allow audience members to ask questions and channel the answers from the archangels.

As each audience is unique, so is every session with the archangels! Tami is currently working with the archangels on a book. Get a sneak peak of the book's wisdom by attending! Come hear the gentle and powerful wisdom that is waiting for you!

Cost: $15

No one will be turned away for the inability to pay for this workshop.