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Dynamic Movement Meditation with Jenn Daniels

This group is open to everyone who enjoys or is curious about moving meditation activity. During these gatherings, each person will be invited to move, shake, stretch, dance, and find stillness in a safe and open space to the soundtrack of various genres of music.

No dance skills or meditation experience required.

These events are intended to deepen each participants connection and natural expression of their body through the inspiration of music. We all need to de-stress and relax our bodies, minds, and nervous systems. Freestyle movement is a wonderful way to release stuck emotions, stress we hold in our muscles, and tension locked in our nervous system. These gatherings are also a great way to remind ourselves to celebrate our life in this physical form.

What can you expect?
1. To begin, Jenn will offer some guidance and explain a few guidelines we will all adhere to in order to create a safe and nourishing environment.
2. Each participant can begin the musical movement journey sitting, laying, or standing still while we connect with our bodies and allow the inspired movement to be revealed.
3. A variety of different musical styles will be played to encourage each person to move, stretch, shake, dance, or find stillness.
4. At the end, we will sit, lay down, or stand still to come back to our center and ground the relaxation, space and peace that we have co-created during our journey together.

Helpful Tips:
Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes. We will dance barefoot on a smooth surface. Set aside a few minutes before the gathering to ready yourself for this experience. After the event you may wish to remain silent and are free to leave immediately following the session. If you wish to connect with other people, please use the space outside of the studio to share and communicate with one another.

If you have any questions, please come and see what the experience is like for you. It may be a step out of your comfort zone or routine, but new experiences can be the catalysts for amazing and uplifting shifts in our lives. And it is my honor to offer the space for those shifts to occur. I humbly invite you to join us and see what wants to move within you.